Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Ring


It was my day off from office but the mail bug kept wiggling. I logged in to company LAN for checking my mail box. I responded to few critical requests and then thought of checking my personal mails as it had been a week since I visited yahoo.

Seventy new mails …. Promotion offers, newsletters, icici direct announcements …. I started deleting unwanted mails. Somewhere in the middle, there was a stunner.

“Hi Aakash!

You must be wondering why I resurrected an old mail thread with all those sweet and casual talk. It must be puzzling for you to read mails from that same girl who never returned any of your sms, mails and even turned down your requests to meet for coffee…..

Well… couple of months back, my parents received a matrimonial proposal from your father. So I was wondering if you are still looking for someone appropriate.

Waiting for your reply,

I was stunned. I was back in Pune after a short visit to Australia and least expected a mail from Sheetal. Memories flooded my already cluttered mind and I drifted in slumber ……

                                                                     * * *
Chapter 1:

I was at the Cafe Coffee Day table fiddling with my cell phone, occasionally glancing around. I had reached the cafe well ahead of time and minutes seemed to take entire hour to pass. Storm of thoughts was brewing up in my mind and I didn't know whether words would spill out of mouth in front of ...... her.

She paused at the entrance sweeping the entire cafe with her eyes till they found me. She gave one of those there-you-are cute smiles and walked over to the table. She was looking even more beautiful today. She moved through the maze of tables and gracefully slid into chair in front of me. Same selection of soft color Punjabi dress; embroidered at the neck just enough so as not to look loud. She had tied her hair and a plait arched on her forehead. Occasionally it would fall over her right eye which she would elegantly move it behind her ear while continuing to talk or listen. This was the fourth time we were meeting in last two weeks. I knew that sooner or later we would get to the subject which I was trying to avoid as much as possible. Finally she asked......

I told her not to get upset or angry or freak out after listening to my thoughts and ideas. I really wouldn't like to see her in any of those moods. I started......

                                                                      * * *
Chapter 2:

I used to drive past you by the bus stop every Tuesday and Thursday morning. We had chemistry practicals early in the morning during junior college. Dressed in a sober Punjabi dress or a foliage printed skirt with contrasting top, you always made your presence felt, but did not ignite any special feelings in me. Many a times I felt like asking if I could drop you to college, but was never able to muster up courage for two reasons. Firstly, we never spoke with each other even after being in the same college and tuitions. You were always alone and I was always with my group. It was a double edged sword: approaching a lone girl and that too in front on my entire group. Secondly, I knew your sister through a common friend, but could never breach the discussion about you. There are some friendships where you cannot cross the undrawn line !

Life went on. I completed junior college and took up engineering. I did keep on crossing you once or twice a year at least. My professional life kept me occupied with work mostly out of Pune on deputation to client site. For the first year I was in India and after that my visits abroad increased. You still remained ... somewhere deep rooted in my mind... can say my heart.... camouflaged by shadows of success, failures, achievements and catastrophes both in personal and professional life.

We started off on a pretty nasty note. I was back in India for a short term to get my visa extended. We first met at a common friend's get-together. I expressed my interest in getting to know you better with the intent of settling down in life. The next evening that we spent together at CCD was a disaster. You were freaked out on something or someone and most of the meeting went about with you venting out the anger and frustration on me. Frankly I could not believe what I was experienced. Your views about boys, Indians staying abroad, male chauvinism and institution called as marriage etc. By the time I dropped you home, I knew that the meet hadn't really been the way it was supposed to be. I had an entirely different picture of you in my mind but it seemed that I misread you.

                                                                        * * *
Chapter 3:

Lot of things happened during next year. Recession in US cost me my job. I was working in a niche domain and the economic slowdown caught the company on wrong foot. I had to make a decision on whether to come back to India or hunt for another job in US itself..... It was a test to check the strength of my financial savings. I survived and faced it without bowing my head or spreading my hands. During that time one thing worked to my advantage. I was able to differentiate between my well-wishers and parasites. The next was the court case against my family by our ex-business partner. I and my family came lived through it too. No doubt such experiences make you tough, but at the same time they make you numb. I became stone cold to my core after enduring the wrath thrown at me. Call it my positive attitude or will to learn from my mistakes.... I always searched for lessons from all these experiences. I might be reiterating this for nth time, but I am an intricate personality. The reason behind becoming complex is not the circumstances through which I have been.... but the way I sailed my boat through these tidal waves understanding the flow and cause of each event.

Then it seemed that things were getting back on track. Good things started happening around me. I got appraised and met a nice girl. We decided to settle down, but destiny had something else in mind for me. When everything is heading your way then it means you are heading the wrong way ! The marriage was called off. Come to think of it now, when I deliberate on how life would have been had I married her; it would have definitely been a catastrophe. You tend to overlook subtle differences when you are in love.... blind love to be precise. But these small differences mess up big time.

I feel things won't work between us......

                                                                      * * *
Chapter 4:

She hadn't even blinked throughout my rambling session. After a dead pause, which seemed to last for an entire hour, she narrated her side of the story.

The last time we met at CCD, I found you to be of the I-know-it-all attitude. Your talks about onsite visits, work atmosphere, outings to different places did not invoke any special feelings within me. I felt the whole evening was more like a catching up with foreign-return friends. Especially those, who have nothing else to talk except life in US, cars, iPods and vacation in Europe. I did not get any positive vibrations during the time we spent together and hence I resorted to freaking out on some third person so as to cut the evening short. To put it in simple words ... you did not 'click'.

Then I met this wonderful guy. He was also in US. He did not want to work in US; but liked occasional visits there. Originally from Nagpur, he was working in software MNC in Pune. I liked his passionate talks about forts in Maharashtra, trekking groups, dream to scale Himalayas and so on. He shared rented apartment with his friends; one worked in retail marketing and other two with banks. He had a dream of purchasing a duplex 5 BHK plush penthouse. I was attracted due to his aggressive nature.

There was a time when I used to compare you and him. You liked badminton and table tennis while he liked cricket. You were more about how Indians can do better while he was all about what is good about India. I always felt that you cribbed about everything even after being satisfied with what you had. Whereas he was never complacent with his achievements even though he adjusted with surrounding. You played drums and he played guitar. My heart used to skip a beat when he strummed the guitar and hummed a melody.

After a month long courtship, we decided to settle down. And then I saw the other side him. He was stubborn when it came to making compromises. He wanted a register-marriage with very few relatives from either side. I being the eldest daughter in our extended family, a gala wedding was prerogative. He was fine with getting engaged but wanted to delay the marriage by two years as he did not have his own house. Getting promoted was another of his pre-requisite to getting married. I did not know how what made him link his promotion to marriage. He became desperate when he did not get the title he was looking for. Marriage took a back seat and shifting job along with a salary raise became his top priorities. I was always overlooked, given very less attention under the pretext of trying to see things from his point of view. I started feeling uneasy in our relationship. I was taken for granted many times and this hurt me a lot. Suddenly all the night long chats vanished; emails became a monthly luxury….. Some unknown force was tearing us apart.

The final blow came when I tried pushing for the marriage yet again. I told him that it was fine staying together with his friends after marriage till we got a decent property as per his choice, even if it were on rental basis. I was ready to accommodate but his lost his temper. He argued that I did not understand him and his priorities and that I always considered life to be a fairy tale. To the worst of my fears, he asked me to give second thoughts….. to our marriage and to our relationship too.

I could not believe what was happening to me. It took me two months to get over him and accept the fact that I would have to start all over again. That is when I saw a mail from your parents. I read your profile on the matrimony site but somehow his memories did not let me take the next step.

Finally after lot of convincing from my elder sister, I decided to meet you again. I sent you a mail and got to know that you had returned from Australia the night before. Then we met for coffee and I saw a changed person. You came across as a mature and understanding and above all a sweet person. You were a good listener because I remember you were completely engrossed and attentive when I was talking.

Two days were all that it took for me to forget all about my previous heartbreak. Your smile, your arguments, your thought process and ideologies….. I started connecting with each and every action of yours. I am not sure whether it was really you who changed or was it just that I started seeing things through a different context.

I know from the bottom of my heart that you are the person with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life. If you give us some time, you will definitely change your decision. I am saying this with full conviction….. “Our marriage will click!”

                                                                       * * *
Chapter 5:

You are a very nice person. I learnt a lot about you during these four days... rather ten odd hours that we spent with each other. After travelling to different countries, visiting different clients within India, talking to different people and doing innumerable kaanda-pohe sessions.... I guess I can take the liberty of saying that I have seen the world and have a fair sense of understanding to differentiate the good from bad. I can go on and on if I were to start talking about you. The way you dress, you carry yourself well to get noticed; be it conventional Punjabi dress or contemporary jeans. I am absolutely sure that you will look equally stunning in a sari .... the one that girls drape when they exchange garlands with their better half ..... Your expectations are rational and simple. At times it is this simplicity that others can't digest. Your thoughts, views, ideas ... the way you talk... smile... laugh..... your eyes... lips... hair..... I had deeply fallen in love with you. I knew then that you were the one.... because I loved everything in you. I even loved the way you twitched your face to express ridicule. All of this..... but….. a year back.

Though my feelings are abeyant, circumstances are different today. History is repeating itself. I am able to recognize a pattern here. The events taking place between us and also with me. I am seeing a pattern..... A pattern that will eventually destroy our lives. I got an appraisal again in the company. This has come at the same time when we are deliberating on my decision. It is the same that happened last time. I know that it was difficult for her to accept and come to terms with life when her parents called off our marriage. I don't want you to go through the same pain. There are lots of other channels that you need to think on. I have this intuition that even though things look good as of now.... they have an uncanny tendency to cause havoc later. I would have gambled, played against the odds in case I didn't have these premonitions.

I don't believe in destiny. I believe in making choices ... life is about making choices and your destiny is derived from these choices. I want to see you happy, want to see you smiling. I want you to have the best of everything in the world. This also includes the best life partner. Someone caring, understanding and having a good sense of humor... someone whom you can consider your friend and the love of your life. I have made this choice; a choice to see you happy. A choice to see myself achieve the goals, a choice which both of us will not repent later in life.

I urge you to move on.... just in case I solve this bizarre logic of undeterminable consequences, which falter my run into the void.... I will get in touch with you. Maybe send you a one liner..... Well such things don't happen in real life and hence there is no point in waiting.

It was a wonderful experience talking to you, getting to know you. I felt good that I have the qualities to be adored by girls like you. It is a good feeling which pushes me to do more in life and get the best out of the least that gets offered. Keep smiling.... you look beautiful with it....

                                                                        * * *

She whisked her head away and stared into void for a long time. When she looked back I could see her eyes swell with tears. She tried hard to control but one tear slipped out and ran down her cheek. Her eyes pleaded but in vain. She asked me to text her in case I changed my decision and then walked out of the cafe.

I fiddled with the engagement ring in my right hand. The SMS would never be sent.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hawala or .........?

Each employee of our department is given a corporate credit card. Previously the card had infinite limit and there were instances when I had swapped close to 3.5 lacs on it without the card getting blocked. Last years economic turmoil had many companies implementing cost-cutting measure to save on revenue outflow. The infinite amount of corporate credit card was also affected as the yearly premium was a significant amount. The credit limit was lowered to just 2 lacs and we were not intimated about this change. I was to find it out later .....

My trip to Europe was scheduled exactly one day after I returned from my vacation. I had my flight reservations, travel insurance, forex, airport drop bookings credited to my card before I left for my vacation. The visa fees had been credit few days before. When I checked the amount due on my credit card, it had already reached 1 lac 40 thousand bucks. The payable by date was 22nd of next month and I was to return on 12th of next month. This gave me only a week's time to submit my receipts, get the reimbursement and pay it off to the credit card co.

On 11th morning, I was checking out of the hotel. The bill amounted to EUR 2000 and I handed my corporate credit card. The fellow at the reception swipped it .... not one but many times and finally said that the card was not getting accepted. I did have my personal cards but with credit limit as low as 40 thousand. Fortunately my director was also staying in the same hotel and I dialled his room explaining him the problem. He came down and settled the bill through his personal card.

After coming back, I promptly entered my trip in SAP and waited for reimbursement to land in my account. A week passed and the credit card co. laid a nice 4% late payment fee. This late payment further delayed my reimbursement as approvals were required from different levels. It took a month before the company wired the amount to my account.

The very next day I went to my local bank to enquire about international fund transfer. They requested for the certain details of the bank where the funds had to be transferred. It took me less than 30 min for completing the formalities and in next three days, my director got EUR 2000 transferred to his name.

Sunday morning, wifey sarcastically remarked as I had forgotten to withdraw money. I got an excuse to get out of the house for my daily dose of nicotine. Standing in front of the Wincor atm machine, I was surprized to find my account balance in excess of 5000 bucks !

Is this hawala? Or loophole to make legitimate money? I leave it up to you to decide :)
The exchange rate between EUR and INR can be found at link:

Indian rupee stood at Rs. 63.2322 to a EUR on Friday 12 February 2010

Indian rupee stood at Rs. 60.7649 to a EUR on Thursday 25 March 2010

I booked expense of EUR 2000 in SAP on 12th Feb 2010 and the exchange rate taken was 63.2322. This got Rs. 126464.4 credited to my savings account. When I initiated international fund transfer, the exchange rate charged was 60.7649 due to which only Rs. 121529.8 got debited which left the savings account in excess of  Rs. 4934.6 !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa .... Dhekaarrrrr

New - New Financial Year Resolution ..... You will be able to connect if you have watched any of the episodes before and felt amused by the overall script.

Sankalpa: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa che kuthalehi parrv baghanaar nahi

Kaaran/Because -

A. Pallavi Joshi
Apan tichya ghari aartila basalyasarakha ti taalya waajavala laavate. Ekada geetkarasaathi taalya zhaalya pahijet. Mag sangeetkarasaathi talya zhaalya pahijet. Mag gayak ... mag wadak ... mag prekshak ... mag shrotre ... mag naanyawaar ... mag ti swataaha ... bharpoor taalya taalya ... !!! Barr nustya taalya nahi tar JORDAAR taalya. Vattel te matching karun vattel tya gaanyala, vattel tya shabdaanni, tila O ka THO kalat nastana, malmalel itka kautuk karate. Agadi kuni DHEKAAR jari dili tari, "Kay apratim dhekaar dilis, aani mazhya khup avadichya dhekaraan paiki ek dhekar dilis mhanun tuzhe vishesh abhaar. Nilesh, Amar, khup chaan saath dilit tumhi. Me tar pahile gondhaalale ki dhekaar gayakane dili ka bansuri cha naveen chamatkar aaikayla alay!!! Ani ho .... aaj sarvajanik dhekar sansthan jyaanni sthapan kela, tya pramukh adhyakshaanchi aaj punya tithi ahe. Tar ekada JORDAAR taalya zhaalya pahijet" ......... kay bolaycha ata yhawar...?

Bara, parikshakaanni kahi tipanni keli, ki hi pet gheun "Kya baat haaai .... Kyyaaa baaatt haii" chi parayana karayla lagate.

Tichya veshabhusha mulay honare chayachitrikaran he mala netra sukh peeksha netra taan kivva netra jaljal deta ... he ankhin ek gupeet karan. Aaplya paryaantach asudya.

B. Avadhoot Gupte
Ticha motha bhau. Yhachi raangasangati khup awaarrnaniya aste. Railway cha gurard jasa lal kivva hirva baawta dakhavto na, tasa kuthalatari phadka tyachya galya bhavati gundaalela asta. Adhun madhun to te phadka havet udavun naach hi karun dakhavito. Mhanje lavani ali ki phadka tyachi maan sodun havet farfatu lagata. Tya krutya ni jallosh watawaran nirmeet hota asa kahiincha mhanna ahe. "Are ... Are ... Are... kay bhannat, susaat, achaat gayalaas ... mitraa .... kanache padade paar faadles bagh. Are .. kay saajuk khaun naajuk galyatun chabuk dhekaar dilis gadya .... Ek number. Mazhya ekatari gaanyaat he harmony vaparnaar bagh me .... Bara mala ek goshta saang .... hi ji tu apratim dhekar dilis, ti tu mudaam tashi ghetlis ka ti ghasarli .... karan gaanya cha aanga samajun, tya taalat ashi dhekaar dena mhanje tu kharach kamaal ahes ... !!!"

C. Vaishali Samant
Hila shastriya sangeet kalta yhachyawar mazha vishwaas nahi. Maalkauns ani Kirwani ase don teen raag sodlyaas, baki raagaan saathi tichya raag-dnyaan koshaat  jagaach urali nasel. Avdhoot mhanto ti kanaat baangadya ghaalte .... Arre ti baangadya ghaalo kivva zhaanzaa ghalo ... kay farak padto? Bara madam bolayla lagalya ki .... Ingrajee ani Marathi bhashechi Chinese bhel .... "Saanga Mukunnda kuni haaaaa DHEKAAAARRRRR...." he je kay hota na te .... Te SOLLLLID hota. Kay dhekaar detos re tu. Chak ..... mastach. Tumhi lahaan lahaan mula ani itki chan dhekaar deta .... tumchya tonal qualities khup fine ahet .... asaach riyaaz chalu theva ani mag bagha, ki tumhi kiti pudhe jata te haan .... Veryy nice. Verryy Goood !!

D. Hridaynath Mangeshkar (urf Balasaheb)
(Khayal gayaki, Shobha Gurtu, tamboryacha tara, tablya chi shai, swatantrapurva kaal, Dynaneshwar Maharaj, abhaangawani, aakashvaani .... ashya vividha vishayaanwar bollya nantar, sumare pavane don tasaanni ...) "....1963 madhye Latachya recordingchya weles gaana gaat astana, tila ashich vilaambit dhekaar ali hoti. Tya weles me tichya kadun varrcha DHA lavun ghetala aani ......
...................................................                    ....................................
..... aso ... Khup anaanda dilat tumhi mala. Abhari ahe !!!"

E. Suresh Wadkar
Kahi wele la te Balasahebaanchya bolnya mage adosa ghetat ani mhantat ki "Ata yhanni sagala tar sangitla. Tya points war neet laksha de ani tya chuka punha nako karus. Baki tuzha gaana masta zhaala.". Pan jar kadhi tyanna sarvaat pahile vicharla ki gaana kasa watala tumhala ... tar te kharja chyaa abhyaasacha mahattva avarjuun saangtat ... gajavtat mhantla tari chalel ... "Baal .... kiti sundar gaylaas. Ti dhekaar chi harkat mala khup avadli. Pan ek ahe maatra. Khaalche sur titke neet navhte lagat. Ani yha saathi khaarja cha abhyaas khup awashyak ahe. Roz pahate uthun sadharan doon taas tari kharjaat dhekaar denyacha abhyaas karr. God Bless You."

F. Devaki Pandit
"Mala tucha gaana khup avadla. Pan ajun changala zhala asta. Tuzhya gurun kadun tu kharach khup changala shikala ahes. Tyaanchi gaana gaanya chi paddhat, sur laavany chi paddhat, dhekaar chya layee chi paddhaat .... sagala barobar uchalla ahes. .......... ....         ..................  .................. .........
 .......     ................       ................... .. pan ek sanguicchite ....tu dileli dhekaar hi talaat ramali pan suraat nahi ramali .... sur ani taal he donhi hi mhatvache ahet. Tar yha donhi gooshtin kade laksha de. Asaach shikat raha pudhe haan. He gaana Satyajeet ... ummmmmm .... Khup changala zhala gaana hehehuhuhaha"

Disclaimer: No offence meant. I am just trying to put forth my thoughts for the script of the show. Each of the individual above has proved him/herself and are well known, unlike me. Please don't take what is written above to seriously :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Moon ... Old Adage

Wifey reminded me that one of the long pending item on our entertainment list was watching a movie. "Yes", I agreed, it had been months that we watched any movie, one of the reason being there weren't any movies worth watching ! Call it 'Movies ke tasavvur main kangali ka daur chal raha hai .... Jab hollywood/bollywood wale acchi movies bana hi nahi rahe, to hum kya dekhenge?' Earlier we used to watch atleast three movies a month .... but now, I am unable to remember anything before 2012 (the movie I mean !)

Anyways, a protocol is a protocol and once married, wife wish becomes da husbands command. I came home early and walked up to the nearby ticket point centre. I had a choice between four films; Avataar, New Moon, Paa and Rocket Singh. Avataar was a No-No. If sci-fi is not enough for my wife to freak out, then 3D definitely is. She says watching 3D film with those pathetic glares is as good as having a sneak preview through cracks in the fence. Avataar being strictly 3-D, meant an additional 300 bucks (150 per head) of deposit at the counter for those scratched glares from which 200 would be returned provided the glares are given back without any damages/scratches. Our director or VP should be made aware of such clandestine propaganda by the entertainment industry to suck money from people living in a sucked economy. Arrrgh .... I don't want mucky looking blue aliens .... appraisal would be better !

Not sure what happened to Paa (again, I mean the movie), but they cancelled all shows after 8:15pm. I think Paa was tired, exhausted and so they gave him his much needed rest. Rocket Singh was removed from the list after I talked to one of my friend who knew my taste for films. The left me no choice other than "The Twilight Saga 2 : New Moon' ... the name tempted me in believing that it would be a good venture.

New moon started off on a quiet note, C Major .... I presumed this to be the build up for something more thrilling and adventurous. The muffled dialogues continued and we strained our ears to comprehend the happenings on screen. Occasional adrenaline boosting events were palliated to tranquillity by dead pauses and lazy background orchestration of strings and base. I tried to reason out with each one of the characters; be it inordinate and confused human or the bloody hungry good and bad vampire or the protector and killer Werewolf, but in vain. The movie seemed like Thane - Pune train shuttle stopping at all stations ... in that it progressed at a very slow and steady pace occassionally interrupted by abrupt dreams, conversations, near kiss escapades, somber symphonies in G sus4 or Bb (B flat) aug (augmented) 9, and dead pauses ...... I got so engrossed that I yearned to see the unconventional end as it is with most of the hollywood movies.

Well .... I was disappointed. After enduring 3 hours of intricate chording, muted dialogues and still photography along with lot of weeping ... the end was conventional without any melodrama. As we got to leave, I met couple of colleagues from my company.

"Were you sleeping through the movie?", asked one, " We called your name so many times and you didn't even return a look ..."
"I was engrossed ....", I replied

They were awestruck. How can I be engrossed into a movie like this? Well, I was waiting to fully understand the gist or the central theme of the movie. When it struck, the fuse in my head blew.

The plot is simple .... metaphorical comparison might yield vanilla ice cream. Girl loves boy. Boy loves girl. Why the hell do you care for who is human, who is a werewolf and who is vampire. Vampire boy thinks .... thinks ..... and thinks some more. Brother is getting into adulthood (adulthood for vampires means thirst for blood ) .... says to da girl ... I don't need you. The girl hooks up with some other hunk till the first one come back repenting. And then ... the girl dumps the new hunk and goes back to the old one because he utters the next 4 most wanted words after uttering the 3 magical words ! I love you is usually followed by 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?' As simple as that ..... Old adage holds true in contemporary times too !

Friday, October 23, 2009

Four Quandrants Appraisal Strategy

It started with Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy. Then there was the Satyam fiasco converting the SWITCH (Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, CTS and HCL) into WITCH. The US economy plummeted dragging along all the dependents with it. The businesses took a nasty hit. The
All of this at such an apt time of the year that appraisals were definitely contenders for incurring the wrath of recession raising its ugly head.

Many companies implemented different ways to manage cost. Obvious expenses like free tea/snacks/lunch, costly tissue wipes, bus services and international travel were curtailed as first reaction. But when the recession showed signs of persistence companies had to consider using the axe. Some opted for downsizing; others went with pay cuts and few opted a mix of downsizing and pay cut.

A year passed by with no appraisals. We derived our feel good factor from the thought of “Be happy that you have your job”. And then …. there were some early indicators like rise in stock market, reduction in interest rates, increase in number of projects etc, signaling recovery phase. Our company formally announced the appraisals to take place during first week of Jan.

Consider time period starting from 1st Jan 2008. The appraisals were due on 1st Jan 2009. Due to recession and cost cutting measures, 2009 witnessed a salaray freeze (and lay offs too). What is the strategy of organizations to appraise employees on 1st Jan 2010?

Being working in services department for about seven years now, I have always seen four distinct groups in which one can segregate the workforce. The assumptions are:

  1. 1. The years of experience and skillsets in each group can be different.

  2. 2. Each individual’s years of experience defines an expected level of expertise. This is relative as there is not absolute measure available.

  3. 3. The group segregation is driven by billability version indispensability.
Note: This digram is a modified adaptation of the BCG matrix.

The quadrants are divided using Billability and Indispensability as two dimensions.

Billability is the measure of revenue generated by an employee. It is generally driven by the hourly rate and utilization i.e. number of hours billed against available hours billed. Additionally, the billability is harmonized between individuals at different levels i.e. an employee billing two hundred dollars an hour ONLY for a week is considered less billable than someone who bills twelve dollars an hour for ONE MONTH. The fundamental (most of the times) behind such assumption is - Higher billable rates (to customer), higher the cost (to company in terms of compensation).

Indispensability is measure of companies need for retaining an employee because of characteristics like smart, hard working, sincere etc.

From the diagram, it is evident that the stars, which are indispensible and billable, will definitely get a good appraisal. On the contrary, the dogs, which are dispensable and on-bench, will get a mediocre appraisal. The cash cows, dispensable but billable, and question marks, which are indispensable but on-bench, are critical areas which need to be addressed carefully. A cash cow expects an appraisal justifying the revenue they generated from the company. A question mark’s argument would be that lack of opportunity to work on a project is the organizations shortcoming and should not bias his appraisal. A clash occurs when the appraisal of the cash cow matches or is lesser or greater than that of the question mark. If the appraisal matches or is lesser than the question marks, the cash cow considers the appraisal unfair because they consider that the appraisal for the question marks is done using a percentage of the revenues generated by the cash cows. Similarly, if the appraisal of cash cows is more that question marks, the question marks feel unfair because they always consider that they could replace the cash cow and become billable.
Post appraisal, the dogs are bound to quit the organization for better compensation and as the economy is booming, they are sure to find another job. Due to expectation mismatch there are good chances of the cash cows and question marks leaving the organization too. Again, the hike given in an appraisal cannot be compared with the one given during recruitment. This adds to the fury of employees as they feel that the organization is more concerned pleasing the new recruits.

The human mind also plays an important part in priming the employees mind. One year of a salary freeze means that an individual is one year behind schedule on his monetary progress path. To make up for this loss, the simplest strategy is to get an appraisal in parent company and move to a different company. This is applicable to the stars too. If we view the organization along with its competitors as a whole, then there is a tendency of shuffling of resources amongst different companies.

Bottomline: Irrespective of the segregation, there is bound to be high attrition. Difference in pay hike between recruitment and appraisal might result into an employee turnover. Will the organizations develop a preventive strategy or a curative strategy? A preventive strategy implementation aims at employee satisfaction which in turn helps reduce attrition. Curative strategy implementation starts after an employee resigns. The sum of the Nash equilibrium of the entire organization (similar for all competitors), taking two employees of the same/different quadrants at a time will yield that the best cost effective strategy is .................. NO APPRAISALS AT ALL !

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Self Reflection

It was 9pm, but the light around suggested the time to be just about evening if I were back in India. The last page of my passport got stamped, leaving me wondering of all my travels abroad. Meeting so many different people, making friends, seeing new places and eating different cuisines. Travelling has always fascinated me. But tonight, as I sat sipping Weisbeer in the outside seating of the Black lounge, I felt a string urge to walk; a walk down the memory lane reflecting on what I wanted and where I have reached.

House, car, stable job and marriage. Having achieved the bare minimum necessities or rather satisfying the basic expectations for a boy, the million dollar question in front of me now is …. ‘What next?’As of now I am still searching for the path of glory, the road to success. I am yet to reach the boulevard where the dreams and ambition together start amalgamating into the untrodden highway of your future; mind you, the much awaited and expected & yearned future.

At times I feel to have developed an inferiority complex towards myself. I start feeling inferior when I consider myself superior. Like a singularity decomposing into a virtual duality in accordance with out nature. Surprisingly, it always works in one direction. Call it my nature, but till date i haven’t felt a satisfaction after getting to know of being better than others. But this could also be termed as an egoistic blither who never considers anyone above himself. This could also explain why it hurts when I am not up to the mark that someone else has set. But I have concluded one this. I love myself more than anyone else in this world. And it hits the most when people don’t accept it and try to keep on reminding me of weaknesses. Eventually I desert them. The most important aspect that is missing in my life style is motivation. I don’t feel motivated. Call it effect of financial crunch due to global slowdown or due to lack of inspiring leaders in my vicinity. The pyramid planes converge onto a single point at top. This is an established fact that the density goes on decreasing as you move to higher altitudes. Am I already midway? Have I really been climbing the ladder to ascend? Am I really on an escalator moving at a greater speed than my contemporaries? I guess the time has come to check the altimeter. I looked up, the sky indeed appeared closer!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Chain Mail Chain

This is going on my blogspace now ...

From: Damle, Neeraj
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:37 PM
To: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun; Bhide, Amey
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Safety pin aur nada
Way to go mannnn :D :D

From: Bhide, Amey
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:33 PM
To: Bhide, Amey; Damle, Neeraj; Joshi, Varun
Cc: Sheth, Parag
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies

Parag has resurrected ...

From: Sheth, Parag
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:32 PM
To: Joshi, Varun; Bhide, Amey; Damle, Neeraj
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Arey itna guess work chal raha hai ....high level pe ho sakta hai koi safety pin ho ya kiska nada :P

From: Bhide, Amey
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:32 PM
To: Damle, Neeraj; Joshi, VarunCc: Sheth, Parag
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Ok ... now ppl have started imagining from within their thighs :D

From: Joshi, Varun
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:31 PM
To: Bhide, Amey; Damle, Neeraj
Cc: Sheth, Parag
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Not to miss
He mentioned that the item MAY have more emotional can be taken as MAY NOT as well.
So I will say .. one Used COND*&
Varun Joshi

From: Damle, Neeraj
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:30 PM
To: Bhide, Amey; Joshi, Varun
Cc: Sheth, Parag
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Soft toy se kya hoga re it might well be a hard pink coloured toy ;)

From: Bhide, Amey
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:59 PM
To: Joshi, Varun; Damle, Neeraj
Cc: Sheth, Parag
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

How about soft toy? That too pink colored?

From: Joshi, Varun
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:28 PM
To: Bhide, Amey; Damle, Neeraj
Cc: Sheth, Parag
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Hmm ... good point bhide
XYZ is playing with the emotions ...
May be it’s an pink colored pencil
Varun Joshi

From: Bhide, Amey
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:13 PM
To: Damle, Neeraj
Cc: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Arre pan XYZ kade koni tikli gheun ka yeil?
Boss I found something of high emotional and less cost value for which I think you should send a mail to The ladies .... is the ... bhaiyaajee ka tashan
Generally backup tikli aste saglyaan kade. And to top it all, how many is the ladies in our company wear a tikli ....

From: Damle, Neeraj
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:11 PM
To: Bhide, Amey
Cc: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Are tikli has same value as mangalsutra ...
Tikli padli tar baika baher wichartat "Padle Ka Tumche Aho :D :D :D :D "
I saw that on tv :P
Nd crystal studded tikli :D :D awesome man

From: Bhide, Amey
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:37 PM
To: Damle, Neeraj
Cc: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Tikli ko emotional value kya reheti hai? If it is a crystal studded tikli then definitely it will be costly than the greeting card ….

From: Damle, Neeraj
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:06 PM
To: Bhide, Amey
Cc: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Ya but tikli must be like 50 ps beat that :P

From: Bhide, Amey
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:35 PM
To: Damle, Neeraj
Cc: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

In that sense ... Ear ring with american diamonds or painjan.
Could be that I l ove u greeting card too. High Emotion Value Low Price

From: Damle, Neeraj
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:03 PM
To: Bhide, Amey
Cc: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Have to say Nice shot
I will go 1 better how about tikli :D :D :D :D
Even less price value and sure has same emotional value

From: Bhide, Amey
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:23 PM
To: Damle, Neeraj
Cc: Sheth, Parag; Joshi, Varun
Subject: RE: Only for Ladies.

Ummmm .... m@ng@lsutr@????

From: Damle, Neeraj
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 1:31 PM
To: Bhide, Amey
Subject: FW: Only for Ladies.

What in the BLUE HELL could dat be :D :D :D :D

From: XYZ Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 4:31 PM
To: All Employees;
Subject: Only for Ladies.

Some of our Lady colleague has lost something. Item may have more of emotional value than the price. Please contact me for claiming the item.
Assuring Always Best Services,
Thanks & Regards,